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Here is a section for you to post a message introducing yourself after registering. Get to know the other members here. This first section is not so much a discussion section as it is a starting point where you can begin to make yourself at home. There are many discussion sections below! The Forum has a particularly Catholic Christian character and openly proclaims its faithfulness to Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome, who is the Vicar of Christ and Successor of Peter, in union with the Catholic Bishops throughout the world.

Our goal in participating should not be always to be "right" at any cost, but rather humbly and honestly to seek the truth. In this, we will be guided by common sense, intellectual honesty, the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, her Tradition, her laws, and her duly appointed pastors. Since our common goal is to get to heaven, when disagreements result from our discussions our guide will be charity and our motto will be...

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