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Where is "Nambia"?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 9:30 pm
by seamas o dalaigh
President Trimalchio does it again!

"Nambia's health system is increasingly self-sufficient," said US President Donald Trump at a lunch with African leaders in New York on Wednesday, reeling off a list of their nations' achievements.

But no such country exists.

Could the US leader have been referring to Namibia? Zambia? Or perhaps, The Gambia?

Of the various amusing comments on Twitter, the following approaches comic genius:

“According to researchers, Nambia’s #1 export is Covfefe. Huge deal in the works to increase trade. Very, very big deal.”

Re: Where is "Nambia"?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:29 pm
by inthegobi
I hear Nambia once was in a federation with Pambia, but the federal troops were very um, ineffective.

On the plus side, the giant pamba is safe from poachers.

Many American soldiers died in Namb; 'very few people know this.'

(I come from a long line of bad-joke tellers)

C Kirk

Re: Where is "Nambia"?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:20 pm
by seamas o dalaigh

Truly dreadful.