Catholics victims of ‘new racism’

An acceptable prejudice? Many contend that anti-Catholicism is on the rise.

Catholics victims of ‘new racism’

Postby seamas o dalaigh » Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:13 pm

Justice Heydon compared modern attacks on the Catholic faith to the anti-clerical kulturkampf crusade waged by German chancellor Otto von Bismarck in the late 19th century in an attempt to restrict the Church’s influence in public life.

While anti-Catholicism in Australia was not orchestrated by the State, Justice Heydon said there were similar attempts 'to stimulate hatred for a particular group and … a desire to isolate it by being offensive towards it.'

'Now there may be a new anti-Catholic movement particularly among our intellectuals. It’s intolerant, it’s hypocritical, it fails to recognise the extraordinary contribution of Australian Catholicism to many parts of Australian life.' ... ourt-judge
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