Priests, celibacy and abuse: some ignorance on stilts

An acceptable prejudice? Many contend that anti-Catholicism is on the rise.

Priests, celibacy and abuse: some ignorance on stilts

Postby inthegobi » Sat May 28, 2016 2:07 pm


Facebucket friends of a Facebucket friend were enjoying themselves over the news that a Church official has been caught in 'fraternizing' (to use a military euphemism) with seminarians. One was stupid enough to ask rhetorically 'It's getting to the point where you start to wonder many Catholic Priests have NOT molested children?'

Well, there's a pretty easy answer to that question, isn't there? These three articles were in the top half-dozen of a Google search, and none are shills for the Church:

Newsweek: 'Priests commit no more abuse than other males'. In fact the article points out they commit less, as a group.

Washington Post: 'Five Myths about the Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal' 'Fast Facts: Catholic Sex Abuse facts' (The link looks generic, after time you may have to do a search for the particular article by title.)

So next time you hear or see someone spout anti-Catholic and anti-celibate drivel, tell them, sincerely and forcefully, to go google themselves.

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Re: Priests, celibacy and abuse: some ignorance on stilts

Postby lasaxman » Sat May 28, 2016 6:04 pm

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