Angelic Existence?

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Angelic Existence?

Postby Kent » Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:20 am

The previous collection of essays I posted here have led me to think that in their normal state the purely spiritual angelic beings are totally non-dimensional. Not even a mathematical point. Others have said that angels are "where they act". Since time is also a dimension, this could lead one to say they are also "when they act", unbound by time as we are in mortal life. Of course, there is ample Scriptural evidence that they can manifest themselves in the material world, in time, and interact with it, appearing (to humans) as human-like in appearance or otherwise, participating in conversations, even wrestling with humans. They can also manipulate matter.

In their created "being-ness", it seems to me that their intelligence (and how they interact with each other) must be so foreign to us as to be impenetrable to us in this life. (Those well-known depictions of St. Michael vanquishing Lucifer must be so much anthropomorphic artistic fiction with no more basis in reality than the core truth of the event.)
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