Good Friday

Good Friday

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Hans Holbein the Elder (1465 - 1524), 'The Flagellation', from his *Grey Passion*:

Jesus sits calm but sorrowful, surrounded by violent energy that swirls around him. The swirling is repeated in the weaving of the crown of thorns; even the rods he is beaten with are interlaced in a rough circle around his head. A soldier hands him a rod, which he holds also.

The light grey clothing perhaps emphasizes the faces, and a personal tone - this is the Renaissance, after all.
(The monochrome grey/silver is called 'grisaille', and it was normal in illuminated books, but not in paintings.)

The only color, the green platform, may symbolize the earth. A soldier kneels and hands Jesus a rod, which is unlike the clubs and like the rod being held by the figure at L. I think it is a parody of Christ as Pantocrator, Ruler of All: the platform the earth, the rod a scepter, Christ seated as a King. (Otherwise you can explain his calm, but not being comfortably seated.)

There may be some stereotype Jews, but also a plump European-ish burgher in the back L. Who's he? Is he looking at the man to his L, or off-stage? In the tradition of illustrating the Flagellation, the two at L could be Pilate, Herod, Caiaphas and/or Ananias.

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