If you wanna believe it, it's true

If you wanna believe it, it's true

Postby inthegobi » Sat May 13, 2017 10:55 am

The title is the very topical refrain from a novelty gem by Mickey Katz: telling tall tales in Yiddish to a klezmerized rhumba beat. Katz was a member of Spike Jones' band.

With so many funny-lame verses, the song was broken up on two sides of a smallish 78:
https://www.youwannapieceofmetube.com/w ... RMOVtZa28o
https://www.youbreakityoufixittube.com/ ... ZF2DTCTlHg

I like the band underneath, and the tag at the end has a nice little musical surprise in the accompaniment.

Yes, it's mostly in Yiddish, but some of the verses are intelligible, and in this political climate I kept grooving on the refrain. This verse got me: 'Did I tell you about my brother? He ships the bulls to California; he ships the bulls to Argentina - in fact he's the biggest bull shipper in all Mexico.' Yes, indeed, Mr. President, yes, indeed.

Another verse goes something like 'My son works in a women's underwear factory. He pulls down 3000 a year.'

'Last night, I had magnesia.' 'You mean you had amnesia, you didn't know where you were going.' (Groaning) 'neh, I had *magnesia*; I knew where I was going.'

'My girl is half Chinese and half Jewish. She what you call in this country an Oriyenta.' (If you wanna believe it...)

Here is another Mickey Katz piece, *The Bagle Call Rag*, a parody of the Bugle Call Rag. Good solos, and a fun break into a Dixieland band at the very end.


Heh heh, 'pulls down 3000 a year'.

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