Same sex marriage in Australia

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Same sex marriage in Australia

Postby seamas o dalaigh » Sun Sep 10, 2017 8:53 pm

By Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP

I think a great model for us here is Pope Francis. He highlights the need for the Church to be close to people, accompanying them through complex lives and helping heal their wounds. He is acutely aware that many people with same-sex attraction are hurting and feel alienated from Church and society. He famously says that he will not judge homosexuals who are genuinely searching for God and seeking to do the good.

But sensitive pastoral care of same-sex attracted people is consistent with upholding the truth of marriage. God's plan for marriage is clear enough in the Bible. But as the Pope points out, this is not some weird Catholic or Christian thing: for all the differences, every major civilisation, religion and legal system has held to the truth that marriage is "the lifelong union of man and woman" upon which families are founded.

That's because "it's a natural reality". The law may rename mothers as fathers, or call fathers 'Parent Two', or abolish terms like husband and wife, mum and dad, male and female altogether. Schools may ditch Father's Day for 'Special Person's Day'. But the facts remain: we've all got a mum and a dad somewhere and, even if things don't quite work out, what we most wanted as a child was the complementary care of both.

Changing the legal definition of marriage won't abolish the difference between the two understandings of marriage I have outlined. It will only add to the confusion and self-deception. Which is why Pope Francis thinks redefining marriage would be bad for everyone - "a backwards step for humanity". With him, I think we can find better ways of doing justice and demonstrating love to people with same-sex attraction. ... _944.shtml
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