Russia's ambassador

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Russia's ambassador

Postby seamas o dalaigh » Wed Mar 28, 2018 6:39 pm

Russia's ambassador to Australia has been hauled in by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to explain his country's role in a nerve gas attack in the UK, hours after an extraordinary press conference in which he tried to cast doubt over whether the incident even happened. ... ck/9596016

Journalists used the Russian briefing to press the ambassador to justify his claims, including that there were no spies operating out of the Russian embassy in Canberra.

"Do you realise how stupid you sound when you say there are no Russian spies in Australia?" he was asked.

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Putin; was Re: Russia's ambassador

Postby Kent » Sun Apr 01, 2018 3:48 pm

The consensus of what I've read is that it all leads up to Putin personally; e.g., he approved of the poisoning in England. He also approved the failed Russian mercenary attacks against American forces in Syria. And now he is bragging about these new weapons. The cruise missile, in particular, immediately reminded me of Project Pluto, a weapon that was so :twisted: lethally dangerous it could not even be tested. Any national leader who would put such a system into service, necessarily untested, would be proving himself to be a deranged megalomaniac who necessarily cares nothing about anything but his own debased wishes.

Considering what I read of the "national mood" there, Russia appears to be following a path similar to Nazi Germany.

I assume there are actually sane people in Russia. They should depose Putin and "institutionalize" him.
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