Sex and the Natural Law

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Sex and the Natural Law

Postby Kent » Sun May 05, 2019 3:46 pm

It seems to me that it is apparently mostly forgotten in the "Public Square" that sexuality only exists in the natural world for the propagation of each specie. Similarly, if human beings did not need it for that purpose it would never had existed; and, probably, neither would we.

Thus we say that sexuality is ordered for the continuance of each kind of living thing - including us. Putting it to an unrelated use is therefore a disordered utilization.

In some of the "lower orders" of living things, notably the mammals and possibly avians, this seems to have been facilitated by a perception of pleasure for the individual creatures performing the sexual act. Nevertheless, they do not have the capacity to understand this and do not have the free will to engage in it or not.

Of all of the living creatures only humans do have this capacity. We understand that the sexual act provides physical pleasure. We should also understand that when it is open to new life it also helps bond the two complementary partners into a lifelong union which serves them and their progeny.

When it is not open to new life then, as stated before, it is a disordered act and it is a deviation from the higher understanding of its purpose by humans and a yielding to baser, animal instincts.
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